Thomas Braziel Speaks to Fortune Magazine

Mt Gox is somewhat of a modern-day heist, and a case we have been involved with for many years. Rewind 9 years, and Mt Gox was handling most of the worlds bitcoin transactions (70%). However on March 7, 2014, and Karpelès (founder of Mt Gox) announced that 850,000 of its Bitcoins, worth some $473 million at the time, had somehow disappeared. Never one to shy away from unique and interesting distressed opportunities, Brian and Thomas saw the opportunity early on with Mt Gox. Thomas & Brian have been involved with the reorganization process since 2016, attending creditor meetings and have an in-depth knowledge of the status of the case. Fortune magazine Thomas about the case in their article “$1 Billion Bitcoins Lost in Mt. Gox Hack to Be Returned to Victims” where they speak Kaepeles to learn more about what happened and how customers may get their money back. You can read the full article here

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