We are 507 Capital.

We provide capital in insolvencies and bankruptcies globally.


We provide financial solutions to individuals and businesses who do not want, or cannot, own illiquid assets and receivables in unusual situations.

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    507 Capital specializes in providing liquidity globally by purchasing bankruptcy claims, distressed debt, liens, judgements, distressed assets, and frozen accounts.

    Areas of expertise:

    Bankruptcy Trade Claims
    Debts owed for goods and services by bankruptcy businesses, including liens such as mechanic’s liens.
    Uncollected judgements or awards from debtor estates.
    Remnant Assets
    Known and unknown assets of corporation estates deemed to be too insignificant for the estate to collect.
    DIP & Exit Financing
    Super-priority, secured funding for businesses entering Chapter 11 reorganization or exiting bankruptcy.
    Receiver Certificates
    Super-priority, secured funding for state and federal equity receiverships.
    Frozen Customer Accounts
    Customer accounts consisting of cash or goods in custody of a bankrupt organization.
    Senior Secured Distressed Financing
    Senior, secured loans outside of bankruptcy to help effectuate business reorganization.
    Invoice Factoring
    In Distressed Situations
    Traditional factoring of invoices for companies in distress, factoring of bankruptcy claims, or voices of distressed companies.
    Asset and Businesses Purchases in 363 Sales
    Estate property, including entire businesses, in 363 sales, including operating as stalking horse.
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    We believe the process for purchasing your claims should be simple, transparent and stress-free. We are honest about our pricing and work collaboratively with our customers to create bespoke financial liquidity solutions to suit each individual.

    Be Creative
    We provide a bespoke service to customers. Taking the time to understand their situation and thinking outside the box to find the best solution to suit their needs.
    Be Original
    No claim is too small or too niche. We source and seek out unique opportunities and novel ideas.
    Be Transparent
    We offer honest and transparent pricing for all partners and communicate what we are buying and why we are buying it.
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    PG&E General Unsecured Bankruptcy Claims
    507 Capital has purchased, paid, and transferred general unsecured claims in the Pacific Gas & Electricity Corporation (PG&E) bankruptcy, providing liquidity to trade creditors.
    First-Lien Debt Financing
    Prior to renaming the business 507 Capital the founders provided a first lien note to a New Jersey sand and gravel operation in order to facilitate a sale of the business. This rescue loan required a negotiated intercreditor agreement with the existing bank loan.
    Chairman of the Unsecured Creditor Committee
    Founder of 507 Capital, Thomas Braziel, through his previous business B.E. Capital Management purchased bankruptcy claims in the bankruptcy of Premier Exhibitions and served as its Chairman of the Unsecured Creditor Committee.


    Thomas Braziel Founder / CIO

    Thomas is a co-founder and partner at 507 Capital. He has extensive distressed investing experience, having founded and run a distressed investing fund for 7 years prior to founding 507 Capital. He holds a M.S. in Applied Math from Columbia University, a B.S./B.A. from New York University in Math and Economics. Oh, and his parents are bankruptcy attorneys, so he grew up hanging out at 341 meetings.

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    Brian Stout Partner / COO

    Prior to co-founding 507 Capital, Dr. Stout purchased and restored real estate from foreclosure auctions in Connecticut. Prior to this he was an assistant professor of mathematics at the Keck Graduate Institute of the Claremont Consortium. From 2013-2016 he served on active duty with the U.S. Navy. Dr. Stout has a PhD in Mathematics from the City University of New York Graduate Center and a BS in Marine Transportation from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

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